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Kid University Tuition Rates

Registration Fee (non-refundable) $50.00 due at time of registration then each September.

ClassroomFull Time3 Days or 5 Half Days*2 Days
School Age$135$110$75
Before & After SchoolBefore Only $35After Only $55Before & After $80

Half day session hours are either: A.M. Session or P.M. Session for 4-hour duration.

What comes included: Lots of learning, TLC, superior teachers, special theme days such as Pajama Day, Giggles, and sooo much more!

If you opt to remove your child from the program, we ask for 2 weeks notice in writing so that we may inform families on the waiting list of availability.

We are proud to accept families on State Assistance! Kid U has a structured tuition for post-service and co-pay system based upon your child's "Step" and hours of attendance.  Not sure how to get assistance? Call the Child Development Bureau at 668-2330 and set up an appointment with a Family Specialist to review your income and expenses....